Faculty / Staff:

Julian Verdonk (Assistant Professor, PI)


Julian is a plant molecular biologist. Research interests are plant natural products (secondary metabolites), postharvest quality, and the influence that pre harvest conditions have on (postharvest) quality.

Google Scholar, Research Gate, LinkedIn and cv

Rob Schouten (Assistant Professor, PI)


I am a postharvest physiologist interested in the transition from pre- to postharvest with regard to product physiology and product quality. How can information acquired during the production phase become meaningful during the postharvest phase? I specialise in describing, measuring and analysing the physiological processes governing quality issues. Google Scholar, Research Gate, LinkedIn

Ernst Woltering (Special Professor at HPP, Research leader at FBR)


Arjen van de Peppel (Lab Manager)


Joke Oosterkamp (Research and Education assistant)


Pol Tijskens (Emeritus Scientist)


Leo Marcelis (Profesor and Chair Horticulture and Product Physiology)


Postdocs & PhD Students

Francisca Reyes Marquez (Postdoc)


Metabolic engineering of carotenoids

Qianxixi Min (PhD student)


The use of LED pre-harvest lighting to improve quality and postharvest performance of lettuce.

Team: Leo Marcelis and Ernst Woltering

Ana (Nur) Fauzana Mohd Kasim (PhD student)


Improving ready-to-eat and introducing ready-to-enjoy mango.

Team: Leo Marcelis and Ernst Woltering

Fahrizal Yusuf Affandi (PhD student)


Minimizing Chilling sensitivity and chilling injury in tomato.

Team: Rob Schouten, Julian Verdonk, and Ernst Woltering

Ying Liu (PhD student)

Ying LiuAnthocyanin Biosynthesis and Degradation Mechanisms

Team: Rob Schouten, Arnaud Bovy, Leo Marcelis, and Richard Visser

Dorthe Larsen (PhD student)

DorthePre-harvest lighting for postharvest quality

Team: Julian Verdonk, Leo Marcelis, and Ernst Woltering

Hua Li (PhD student)


Creating strawberries with long shelf-life and superior quality attributes through a metabolomics approach

Team: Rob Schouten, Julian Verdonk, Leo Marcelis

Sara Abdou (PhD student)


Oranje Boven (Orange on top). Is there mutual exclusion between anthocyanins and carotenoids in petunia flowers? Link to project page

Team: Julian Verdonk and Leo Marcelis

MSc/BSc students

Yanxia Guo


Investigating the effect of stomatal characteristics of both vegetative and generative growing Chrysanthemum on cut flower weight loss (calculated vase life) in different cold storage time.

Team: Julian Verdonk and Rob Schouten

Xinxuan Liu

XinxuanThe effects of blue light and light intensity on anthocyanin accumulation in purple pepper fruits

Team: Ying Liu and Rob Schouten

Mejury Shiri

MejuryChilling injury in tomatoes

Team: Fahrizal Affandi and Rob Schouten

Luka van Dien


Chrysanthemum storage and vase life

Team: Julian Verdonk and Rob Schouten

Yuhao Zhang


Mango firmness influence by CA condition atmosphere

Team: Rob Schouten


Dimitris Chrysanthou

Dimitris Tomato translucency

Team: Rob Schouten


Weichen Xu


Strawberry volatiles and shelf life

Team: Julian Verdonk


Diederik van Kempen

Diederick Basil preharvest conditions and and postharvest quality

Team: Dorthe Larsen and Ernst Woltering

Elena Argyri

ElenaBasil preharvest conditions and and postharvest quality

Team: Dorthe Larsen and Ernst Woltering



Rjee Pantophlet

RjeeStudent assistent for metabolic engineering projects

Team: Francisca Reyes Marquez and Julian Verdonk