Julian C. Verdonk

Academic PositionPasphoto may 2014

  • Assistant Professor (1.0 FTE, tenure track) of Horticulture and Product Physiology, Plant Science Group, Wageningen University

 Research experience

  • 2013. Research Associate: Universidad de Andrés Bello, Centro de Biotecnología Vegetal, at Santiago, Chile. Principal Investigator: Ariel Orellana
  • 2012. Research Scientist: University of Wisconsin, Department of Botany, at Madison, WI, USA. PI: Hiroshi Maeda
  • 2010. Plant Molecular Research Geneticist: Cell Wall Biology & Utilization Research Unit, US Dairy Forage Research Center, ARS-USDA at Madison, WI, USA. PI: Mike L. Sullivan
  • 2008. Post-doctoral fellow: Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, Department of Genetics University of Wisconsin at Madison, WI, USA. PI: Patrick Masson
  • 2006. Post-doctoral fellow: Department of Environmental Horticulture, Institute of Agricultural and Food Science at the University of Florida. PI: David Clark
  • 2001. PhD: Universiteit van Amsterdam, Dept. of Plant Physiology. PI: Robert Schuurink



  • 2006. Universiteit van Amsterdam, PhD. Biological Sciences. Promotors: Michel Haring & Arjen van Tunen; Co-promotor: Robert Schuurink. Dissertation: Floral Scent Production by Petunia hybrida
  • 2001. Universiteit van Amsterdam, MSc. Biotechnology



H-index: 10. Google Scholar profile

  • Rob E. Schouten, Julian C. Verdonk, and Uulke van Meeteren. (2018). Re-evaluating the role of bacteria in gerbera vase life. Postharvest Biology and Technology 143, 1–12.
  • Rob E. Schouten, Luka van Dien, Arwa Shahin, Sjoukje Heimovaara, Uulke van Meeteren, and Julian C. Verdonk. (2018). Combined preharvest and postharvest treatments affect rapid leaf wilting in Bouvardia cut flowers. Scientia Horticulturae 227, 75–78.
  • Patricio Olmedo, Adrián A. Moreno, Dayan Sanhueza, Iván Balic, Christian Silva-Sanzana, Baltasar Zepeda, Julian C. Verdonk, César Arriagada, Claudio Meneses,
    Reinaldo Campos-Vargas. (2018). A catechol oxidase AcPPO from cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.) is localized to the Golgi apparatus. Plant Science 266, 46–54.
  • Nur Fariza M Shaipulah, Joelle K Muhlemann, Benjamin D Woodworth, Alex Van Moerkercke, Julian C Verdonk, Aldana M Ramirez, Michel A Haring, Natalia Dudareva, Robert Schuurink (2015). CCoAOMT downregulation activates anthocyanin biosynthesis in petunia. Plant Physiology 2015 Nov 30. pii: pp.01646.2015
  • Iván Balic, Troy Ejsmentewicz, Dayan Sanhueza, Christian Silva, Tamara Peredo, Miriam Barros, Julian C. Verdonk, Claudio Meneses, Ariel Orellana, Bruno G. Defilippi, Reinaldo Campos-Vargas (2014). Molecular and Physiological Study of Firmness of Table Grape Berry. Postharvest Biology and Technology 93, 15-23
  • Julian C. Verdonk, Ronald D. Hatfield, and Michael L Sullivan (2012). Proteomic analysis of cell walls of two developmental stages of alfalfa stems. Front Plant Sci. 3: 279
  • Julian C. Verdonk and Michael L Sullivan (2012). Micro RNA induced gene silencing in alfalfa (Medicago sativa). Botany 91 (2), 117-122
  • Alex Van Moerkercke, Carlos S. Galván-Ampudia, Julian C. Verdonk, Michel A. Haring and Robert C. Schuurink (2012). Regulators of floral 1 fragrance production and their target genes in petunia are not exclusively active in the epidermal cells of petals. J Exp Bot. 2012 Feb 15
  • Thomas A. Colquhoun, Michael L. Schwieterman, Ashlyn E. Wedde, Bernardus C.J. Schimmel, Danielle M. Marciniak, Julian C. Verdonk, Joo Young Kim, Youngjoo Oh, Ivan Gális, Ian T. Baldwin, David G. Clark (2011). EOBII Controls Flower Opening by Functioning as a General Transcriptomic Switch. Plant Physiol. 2011 Jun; 156 (2) :974-84
  • Thomas A. Colquhoun, Julian C. Verdonk, Bernardus C.J. Schimmel, Denise M. Tieman, Beverly A. Underwood and David G. Clark (2010). Petunia floral volatile benzenoid/phenylpropanoid genes are regulated in a similar manner. Phytochemistry 2010 Feb; 71 (2-3) : 158-67
  • Julian C. Verdonk*, Kenichi Shibuya*, Holly M. Loucas, Thomas A. Colquhoun, Beverly A. Underwood, and David G. Clark (2008). Flower specific expression of the Agrobacterium tumefaciens isopentenyltransferase gene results in radial expansion of floral organs in Petunia hybrida. Plant Biotechnol J. 2008 Sep; 6 (7) : 694-701
  • Rickard J. Dexter*, Julian C. Verdonk*, Beverly A. Underwood, Eric A. Schmelz and David G. Clark (2008). Tissue-specific PhBPBT expression is differentially regulated in response to endogenous ethylene signals. J Exp Bot. 2008 ; 59 (3) : 609-18.
  • Julian C. Verdonk, Michel A. Haring, Arjen J. van Tunen and Robert C. Schuurink (2005). ODORANT1 Regulates Fragrance Biosynthesis in Petunia Flowers. The Plant Cell 17 (5): 1612
  • Julian C. Verdonk, C.H. Ric de Vos, Harrie A. Verhoeven, Arjen J. van Tunen, Michel A. Haring and Robert C. Schuurink (2003). Regulation of floral scent production in Petunia revealed by targeted metabolomics. Phytochemistry 62, 997-1008.
  • Ana M. Laxalt, Bas ter Riet, Julian C. Verdonk, Lisa Parigi, Wladimir I. L. Tameling, Jack Vossen, Michel Haring, Alan Musgrave and Teun Munnik (2001). Characterisation of five phospholipase D cDNAs: rapid and specific expression of LePLDβ1 on elicitation with xylanase. The Plant Journal 26 (3), 237-247.

Books and Book Chapters

  • Laura M. Vaughn, Katherine L. Baldwin, Gengxiang Jia, Julian C. Verdonk, Allison K. Strohm, and Patrick H. Masson (2011). The Cytoskeleton and Root Growth Behavior. The Plant Cytoskeleton, Advances in Plant Biology, 2011, Volume 2, Part 3, 307-326
  • David G. Clark, Eran Pichersky, Julian C. Verdonk, Natalia Dudareva, Michel A. Haring, Ulrich Klahre, and Robert C. Schuurink (2009). Benzenoids dominate the fragrance of Petunia flowers. Petunia Evolutionary, Developmental and Physiological Genetics (2nd Ed). Tom Gerats and Judy Strommer (Eds.). Springer Life Sciences
  • Julian C. Verdonk. Floral scent production in Petunia hybrida (2006). PhD thesis, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Julian C. Verdonk, Michel A. Haring, Arjen J. van Tunen and Robert C. Schuurink (2006). Targeted Transcriptomics to Elucidate the Regulation of Benzenoid Synthesis in Petunia hybrida. Floriculture, Ornamental and Plant Biotechnology: Advances and Topical Issues (1st Edition). Jaime A Teixeira da Silva (Ed). Global Science Books, Ltd., London, UK


  • Julian C. Verdonk, Michel A. Haring, Arjen J. van Tunen and Robert C. Schuurink (2004). Novel regulatory Protein. ODORANT1 Regulates Fragrance Biosynthesis in Petunia Flowers. US Patent App. 11/661,758. WO Patent 2,006,041,280. EP Patent 1,789,555


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