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Flower metabolic engineering projects

I am looking for a thesis student (spring 2019 for 6 months) that is interested in metabolic engineering of secondary metabolites by CRISPR, RNAi, and/or overexpression of target genes. Background with biotechnology, and/or molecular biology and cloning is essential. You … Continue reading

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Postharvest Technology Course 2018

The 5th edition of the Postharvest Technology course was held in Wageningen last week. Course leaders Ernst Woltering and Julian Verdonk, lecturers, Rob Schouten, Eelke Westra, Leo Lukasse, Jan van Kan, Marcel Wenneker, Jan Verschoor, and guest course leader Mary Lu Arpaia, … Continue reading

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plasmid isolation, alkaline lysis (minprep)

introduction The isolation of plasmids from bacteria, is one of  the simplest biochemical excersize in a molecular biological lab. It is a beautiful illustartion where the pH and differences in solubility of molecules are used to separate them from each other. The … Continue reading

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Oranje Boven (Orange on top) Is there mutual exclusion between anthocyanins and carotenoids in petunia flowers?

Nov 2017: In the 5th round of the Graduate School Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmaterialen, the proposal of Sara Abdou and Julian Verdonk was granted. It is a collaboration with Francesca Quattrocchio of the University of Amsterdam and Teemu Teeri from the … Continue reading

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DNAse-free RNA isolation (for qRT), the Citrate-Citric Acid method

introduction plant RNA isolations often requires the of use unhealthy organic solutions like phenol or beta-mercaptoethanol, and although I still prefer the TriZOL method or the SDS-TriZOL combo for when I need large quantities of great RNA, you have to wonder if it … Continue reading

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SDS-TRIzol Combo RNA isolation from high carbohydrate containing tissues

Introduction For simple tissues, I prefer to isolate RNA with the Citrate-Citric Acid method, but the isolation of good quality RNA of fruits and other plant tissue with a lot of sugars and/or other inhibiting crap in it can be … Continue reading

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Julian C. Verdonk

Academic Position Assistant Professor (1.0 FTE, tenure track) of Horticulture and Product Physiology, Plant Science Group, Wageningen University  Research experience 2013. Research Associate: Universidad de Andrés Bello, Centro de Biotecnología Vegetal, at Santiago, Chile. Principal Investigator: Ariel Orellana 2012. Research Scientist: University … Continue reading

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RNA isolation with homemade TRIzol reagent

Introduction My all time favorite RNA isolation, and most used protocol is the TRIzol method. Here I give you the basic protocol, including the recipe to make it yourself, which will save you a lot of money. Update 2022: Balta … Continue reading

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